Dental Saver

Want to unlock the great savings you get with Dental Layby, but don’t have anything specific
you need to save for right now?

Dental Saver helps you put some money away for a rainy day, and save up to 20% on standard
private dental fees while you’re at it!

You still set and forget your weekly or monthly payments like a dental health fund, but there’s one very important difference – with Dental Layby you can withdraw your money any time you want.
If you decide you don’t want the treatment any more, or you need the money for something else, no problem!

We can refund your money for a small fee.

See some treatments below, and start saving today with Dental Saver, from Dental Layby.


With $500 in your Dental Saver, your yearly dental bills are covered!
Put just $10 a week into your Dental Saver fund, you could get a full check-up, scale and clean, fluoride application and take home whitening every year!

That’s all your basic dental covered for the cost of two coffees a week!

If you don’t have private health insurance but your kids play sport, this amount would also cover you for two top of the range Game Guardian mouthguards, with money left over in your Dental Saver.


If you haven’t had to have your wisdom teeth removed, you will at some stage.
Have the funds ready to go with Dental Saver!

Put just $27 a week into your Dental Saver fund, and in a year, you’ll have enough saved to get all four Wisdom teeth extracted, or have a Dental Crown fitted if you need one.

Lower that to just $14 a week if it’s not urgent, and you’re happy to have the treatment in two years.


This is what we call the Dental Saver Family fund. $1500 a year is more than enough to cover essential dental bills for a family of four.

That’s four full check-ups, scale and cleans and fluoride treatments. Plus, two take home tooth whitening kits (for the adults) each year.

For under $30 a week, your complete dental essentials for a family of four are covered over a year. 

And don’t forget, because you’re accessing treatments through Dental Layby, you’ll enjoy up to 20% off standard private dental fees as well!


Straight teeth look amazing! But if you don’t have the money right now, use Dental Saver!

Put just $58 a week into your Dental Saver fund, and you could have Invisalign Light treatment to straighten your teeth in just one year’s time. 

Or you could get two dental crowns if you need them.

If you can wait longer, pay less each week into your Dental Saver, and have the treatment done further down the track.


Many people will need a dental implant at some stage in their life. Save for yours now and have the money ready to go with Dental Saver!
With $4000 tucked away in your Dental Saver fund, you could get a single dental implant from start to finish!

This amount will also cover you for combinations of treatments above. You could combine the Dental Saver family fund with a Dental Crown treatment, and still have money left in your Dental Saver. 

Or combine Invisalign Light with a yearly check-up, scale and clean, fluoride treatment and take-home whitening, and STILL have money left over.

Unlike with regular dental health insurance, there are NO yearly resets with Dental Layby.


This amount of money will save you from any major dental problems in life. 

If your teeth are terminal and you don’t know what to do, $6000 in your Dental Saver will cover you for a full extraction, and a brand-new pair of upper and lower Restoretics (next generation prosthetic teeth). 

It’ll be like a mouth full of fresh new teeth, with no worries. 

Alternatively, if your teeth are healthy but don’t look the best, $6000 in your Dental Saver gets you 6 veneers across your front teeth.


If your teeth are fairly crooked and you know you’ll want them fixed at some stage, $7000 in your Dental Saver will get you Invisalign Heavy – to help straighten your teeth the invisible way!

And don’t forget, because you’re accessing treatments through Dental Layby, you’ll enjoy up to 20% off standard private dental fees as well!


If you have some bigger gaps in your teeth, putting $9,000 in your Dental Saver fund gets you a 3-unit implant retained bridge to close them up.

Remember, you can pay this in instalments over as long a period as you like, AND you get to enjoy the up to 20% discount off standard private dental fees you get with Dental Layby.


With this amount of money in your Dental Saver you can get your perfect smile!

With 12 veneers – 6 across your upper front teeth and 6 across your lower front teeth, it will be the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. If it’s a long-term goal of yours, start putting some money away today into your Dental Saver fund.

You could also look at combining a range of treatments above to the value of $12,000. It could be a set of Restoretics for yourself, and then the Family Dental Fund to cover the rest of your family’s essential dental bills for the year – and you’d still have $4,500 left to spend on Invisalign Light for someone in your family. 

Or simply withdraw the money you don’t spend from your Dental Saver for a small fee and keep it.


Implant supported dentures look and function like real teeth. With $15,000 in your Dental Saver you could have all of your teeth extracted and a brand new implant supported denture!*

Or if you’re in need of dental implants, $15,000 covers you for three dental implants with $3000 left over. And don’t forget, because each treatment is through Dental Layby, you get up top 20% off standard private dental fees on every treatment.

It could also be a good idea to keep $15,000 in your family’s Dental Saver to cover any expenses down the track. Four people in your family would be covered for all essential dental for 10 years!

*Per arch only.


Nothing beats the feeling of real teeth, but a Four Under One treatment is very, very close!

With $27,500 in your Dental Saver, you could have our very own Four Under One treatment!* The closest thing you’ll get to your natural teeth.

Remember also, Dental Saver gives you access to Dental Layby’s discounts of up to 20% off standard private dental fees. 

*Per arch only

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